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    Education has no limit or boundary. Anyone can learn without stopping until he lives. The acquirement of knowledge is starvation that goes on and on. Until this craving exists, the desire to study won’t stop. This is what the famous Greek Scholar Publius Cyrus also says in his own words thus – “It is effective to learn late than never.” According to him, it is wiser to learn Education to higher studies later. Although if one cannot afford earlier to do so due to circumstances beyond their control. The most excellent example for this case is - in India every Academic Year, thousands and thousands of Students stop their Schooling due to their own reasons. Therefore these students has to go for the Patrachar Vidyalaya Study option

    Importance of Open school education

    This Secondary Grade Certificate is the mile-stone for them and satisfied with this Education, they embark on seeking some job to start earning. This necessary School Certificate will only enable them to get some smaller jobs. Also, at best to take up training for one or two years in a vacancy, to get promoted to a higher position in employment.
    Some other students are not successful in passing 9th or 11th Standard and thereby driven away from School, with a Transfer Certificate. Schools are not permitting such Students to sit in 10th or 12th Standard Class-rooms, along with 9th or 11th Passed Students.
    But the desire to study 10th or 12th Standard and thereby open up chances of Higher Studies will always be lurking in the minds of these Students. But what to do when they are denied this opportunity by Regular Schools? They have to curse their fate and seek some other ways of building a career. Every time they see or come across those College Students or Higher officials, their mental agony will become immense. Nios Open School is now the new hopte for students.

    What is Open School?

    The Government of India has realized the plight of these unfortunate students. They are burning with desire, to come up in life with Higher Education or Higher Qualification, but are denied the opportunity. To set right this anomaly, the Indian Government has devised a totally Revolutionary Education System, called Open School. The National Institute of Open Schooling is set up purely to induct poor Indian Students. They are longing for studying and passing Secondary and Higher Secondary Courses. Still, They are unable to do so due to several reasons.

    Open School Admission 10th or 12th

    Open School Admission

    Open School admission 10th or Open school admission 12th is the process by which aspiring Candidates with a necessary previous qualification are given admission, directly in the 10th or 12th Standard. They will study National Open School Course Lessons, evolved by Educationists for 10th and 12th Standard.

        • The Open School Admission Provide Certificate after they pass the 12th Standard Final Exam is very valuable, all over India. Any College or University will readily give admission for those Students with that Certificate.

        • Once they obtain this Certificate, the Students longing for a long time, for a bright career by studying Higher Education, will be very happy in their life.
          As regards getting Open school admission 10th or 12th, the aspiring Candidates have an easy way out. All they need to do is contact the experienced Educational Institutions at Delhi, online, or by phone.

        • They can get all the help from preparing the necessary Application Form, with required documents, and submitting to the Authorities, to get the Admit Card.
          Besides, they can also get Open school Special Coaching Classes, during convenient timings, and get their skills sharpened by experienced Teachers. This way, passing the 12th Standard will become easy for them. So students can easily apply for Open school Admission without regular schooling and can Complete the school  education.

    Open School Open School Admission Open School in Delhi 10th admission Open School 12th Admission Open School CBSE Open School CBSE Open School Admission

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  • Best CBSE Open school Delhi for 12th

    If you want to flourish in wealth, you must have made a sound, and prudent investments were made at an early age. One of The Great  has said: “An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.” The above saying means that if you invest your efforts in acquiring knowledge when you are young, you can reap a good harvest of wealthy and luxurious life in the future. If such a lifestyle is your ambition, then you must have studied well and achieved a respectable qualification of Degrees and Doctorates.

    But the first stepping stone for these higher education studies is your passing Higher Secondary Course, namely 12th Standard in School, with credible Marks. Then only you can get admission in prestigious Colleges and Universities, where the competition is very stiff nowadays.

    The harsh truth is many Students are regretting their misfortune since they are not able to achieve this Higher Secondary Certificate. The reason is in our School System, if a student is unsuccessful in passing 11th Standard, he or she will uable to study 12th Standard. They will be sent out of the School with a Transfer Certificate. This is the unfair but right norm prevailing in our Schools. 

    Fortunately, they have an excellent opportunity waiting for them in the form of CBSE Open School Admission 12th Standard. This is a unique Education System implemented by the Government, to provide equal opportunity to everyone, who aspires to study Open school 12th Standard and obtain the necessary Certificate.


     eligibility criteria for getting direct admission to 12th Standard


      Under CBSE Open school  system the following Students can apply:

    ✔ Those who appeared for the 11th Standard Exam and did not come out victorious.

    ✔ Those who went out of Schooling after studying in 11th Standard

    ✔ Those who have passed only 10th Standard and could not study further for any reason

    ✔ Those who attempted the 12th Standard Final Exam, but did not succeed in passing.

    If you belong to one of the above categories and feeling gloomy about your inability to study and pass 12th Standard – don’t worry and be happy. You can use this incredible opportunity to join Open school 12th Standard once again, study hard, appear for Exam, get high marks, and pass the Course. 


    Why Join the Best CBSE Open school?


    What is more, CBSE Open School Admission 12th Standard is under the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) Patrachar Vidyalaya Syllabus. The quality of education is really good and equal to the world-standard. 

    Additionally, CBSE Open school 12th Standard Patrachar vidyalaya Course is very convenient for anyone who is working somewhere and earning. They need not attend regular School to appear for the Final Exam, conducted at the end of each Academic Year. This way, it is easier for anyone to re-enter Schooling without going to school every day. 

    Those who wish to join CBSE Open school 12th Standard Patrachar Vidyalaya Course can get help from Educational Institutions, serving Student Community for years at Delhi.

    They can contact these Institutions online or by phone, to ascertain the details of 12th Standard admission. Once they approach the professionals, they will take these candidates into their fold, and give necessary guidance for Patrachar Courses.

    Right from filling up the Online Application form, checking and attaching the required documents, submitting the Patrachar Vidyalaya CBSE Open school application online, and getting the Admit Card, the candidates are helped in every way.

    Also, these Students can join Special Coaching Classes conducted in the morning and evening, to get trained well in all Subjects. Thus passing 12th Standard becomes very easy for them.


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  • How great is it to educate a poor student? The famous Freedom  Fighter and Tamil Poet Mahakavi Bharathiyar say, “it is a very great act of kindness to educate and make a poor student literate – more than building 1000 free food choultries; or constructing 10,000 temples”. By doing so, the poor student can become a knowledgeable person in the future; and he or she can still make more thousands of students get an education.

    It is precisely the objective behind the formation of Patrachar Vidyalaya. The Government of Delhi is following the instructions of the Education Department of Central Government in establishing Patrachar Vidyalaya Schools, in and around the Capital City of Delhi.

    Patrachar Vidyalaya CBSE admission

    Patrachar Vidyalaya School is offering Education to the Indian Students to study and pass Secondary Education, namely 10th Standard, and Higher Secondary Education is known as 12th Standard. Moving Both the above Standards are stepping stones for further Education to the level unlimited, if and when the student so wishes.

    Passing 10th Standard, any student can study further to finish 12th Standard; and after that, join any College and University to obtain Degrees and Doctorates in Higher Education. There is no limit at all.

    In Indian School System, many needy students leave their schooling midway for a variety of reasons. Poverty and necessity to earn their living and that of their other family members, working somewhere, top the ideas. Yet the desire to study and finish at least the Final School level of Courses is always inherent, deep inside their minds.

    CBSE Patrachar Vidyalaya working

    Patrachar Vidyalaya School System is very liberal in awarding this opportunity, to get back to their school life once again, even if they are working elsewhere, and to earn their daily bread. The eligibility for getting admitted to the 10th Standard and 12th Standard are very flexible – nowhere available in India.

    Any person who has completed the age of 14 years; those passed 8th Class and dropped out of school; those unsuccessful in passing 9th Standard can readily get Admission to 10th Standard.

    Similarly, those who have passed only 10th Standard; or unsuccessful in 11th Standard will not be allowed to study 12th Standard in any School in India. But Patrachar Vidyalaya School offers that Admission.

    Patrachar Vidyalaya Education benefits

    The Education offered by Patrachar Vidyalaya is according to the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) Syllabus. The quality of Education is equivalent to world-standard.

    As such, students getting the 10th Secondary Certificate can study further in the 12th Standard Higher Secondary Course. Students getting the Higher Secondary Certificate can join in prestigious Colleges and Universities – because of these precious Certificates.

    Aspiring students can study in a day-time Course, directly by Patrachar Vidyalaya Schools in Delhi. Or they can opt for the Correspondence Course and study from home.

    Admission Process of Patrachar Vidyalaya

    The Admission Process conducted online is described through Notifications published on the official website of Patrachar Vidyalaya. The students can follow the procedures of Admission described in their website.

    But here is an easy way out. There are experienced Educational Institutions in Delhi, who have been helping thousands of students to get 10th and 12th Admission in Patrachar Vidyalaya, every academic year.

    The interested students can approach their expert professionals, either online or through the phone. They will take complete care of these students, to get Patrachar Vidyalaya admission in the respective Courses, and see to it that they get the Certificates.


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  • Nios 12th admission, fees, online form, last date

    Nios 12th admission online form

    The National Institute of Open Schooling is the shining example for the following saying:

    “There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure. "

    Success can be achieved by anyone, even School Students unsuccessful in writing the Exams in School Final Course of 12th Standard the first time, or previous Classes in any Schools. If at all they are determined in their mind to work hard, prepare well for the Class 12th Nios exam. Also, students need to learn to correct the mistakes they committed earlier, they are sure to obtain the Senior Secondary Certificate in their hands. So all the students who are unable to complete their class 12th from school can apply now for Nios Admission easily and can continue their education.

    NIOS Senior Secondary 12th Class Admission:

    All Students unsuccessful in their 11th Class or those who passed 10th one year before, or school dropouts can get Direct Admission to NIOS Senior Secondary 12th Class. They need not blink as to what to do for this. All that is required is to join a famous Educational Board National Institute of Open Schooling. This board is the best one for them to complete their school education. Nios 12th admission is a very easy online process and student has to apply online on Nios online admission portal.

    NIOS Senior Secondary 12th Class Admission Fees:

    The Admission Fees collected for NIOS Senior Secondary 12th Class are precise as per the norms of the NIOS Board - announced every Academic Year. The professionals at the Institution will guide the Students properly in this, and help in collecting the fees, remitting it to the NIOS Board and getting the Admit Card for them. Students can check the Nios 12th admission fees on the Nios online Admission Portal.

    NIOS Senior Secondary 12th Class Online Admission Form:

    Every Academic Year, the NIOS Board announces the Admission Dates and publishes appropriate notifications. The Admissions are made only through Online. The Online Forms will be made available to the Students by the Institution well in advance. Their professionals will also help in filling the Application Form correctly without mistakes; attach necessary documentary proofs, and submit the same in time. Students can relax and get the Admit Card promptly.

    NIOS Senior Secondary 12th Class Admission Last Date:

    The Last Date for Admission without fine and with fine will be announced by NIOS Board every year. Students need not worry about this, if they join the Institution well before the Admission Period, and leave everything to the care of the professionals. They can get proper guidance from time to time. Also students can check the Nios Admission 2020 last Date on the official website of Nios board. All of you are advised to apply for Nios admission on time to avoid the late fees payment for Nios admission.

    In addition to all the above facilities, the Students will get excellent Special Coaching, Model Question Papers, and Answers, individual attention in each Subject before the Exams. Thus their Success is assured in Senior Secondary Course!




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