• Open School Admission

    Open School Admission

    Education has no limit or boundary. Anyone can learn without stopping until he lives. The acquirement of knowledge is starvation that goes on and on. Until this craving exists, the desire to study won’t stop. This is what the famous Greek Scholar Publius Cyrus also says in his own words thus – “It is effective to learn late than never.” According to him, it is wiser to learn Education to higher studies later. Although if one cannot afford earlier to do so due to circumstances beyond their control. The most excellent example for this case is - in India every Academic Year, thousands and thousands of Students stop their Schooling due to their own reasons. Therefore these students has to go for the Patrachar Vidyalaya Study option

    Importance of Open school education

    This Secondary Grade Certificate is the mile-stone for them and satisfied with this Education, they embark on seeking some job to start earning. This necessary School Certificate will only enable them to get some smaller jobs. Also, at best to take up training for one or two years in a vacancy, to get promoted to a higher position in employment.
    Some other students are not successful in passing 9th or 11th Standard and thereby driven away from School, with a Transfer Certificate. Schools are not permitting such Students to sit in 10th or 12th Standard Class-rooms, along with 9th or 11th Passed Students.
    But the desire to study 10th or 12th Standard and thereby open up chances of Higher Studies will always be lurking in the minds of these Students. But what to do when they are denied this opportunity by Regular Schools? They have to curse their fate and seek some other ways of building a career. Every time they see or come across those College Students or Higher officials, their mental agony will become immense. Nios Open School is now the new hopte for students.

    What is Open School?

    The Government of India has realized the plight of these unfortunate students. They are burning with desire, to come up in life with Higher Education or Higher Qualification, but are denied the opportunity. To set right this anomaly, the Indian Government has devised a totally Revolutionary Education System, called Open School. The National Institute of Open Schooling is set up purely to induct poor Indian Students. They are longing for studying and passing Secondary and Higher Secondary Courses. Still, They are unable to do so due to several reasons.

    Open School Admission 10th or 12th

    Open School Admission

    Open School admission 10th or Open school admission 12th is the process by which aspiring Candidates with a necessary previous qualification are given admission, directly in the 10th or 12th Standard. They will study National Open School Course Lessons, evolved by Educationists for 10th and 12th Standard.

        • The Open School Admission Provide Certificate after they pass the 12th Standard Final Exam is very valuable, all over India. Any College or University will readily give admission for those Students with that Certificate.

        • Once they obtain this Certificate, the Students longing for a long time, for a bright career by studying Higher Education, will be very happy in their life.
          As regards getting Open school admission 10th or 12th, the aspiring Candidates have an easy way out. All they need to do is contact the experienced Educational Institutions at Delhi, online, or by phone.

        • They can get all the help from preparing the necessary Application Form, with required documents, and submitting to the Authorities, to get the Admit Card.
          Besides, they can also get Open school Special Coaching Classes, during convenient timings, and get their skills sharpened by experienced Teachers. This way, passing the 12th Standard will become easy for them. So students can easily apply for Open school Admission without regular schooling and can Complete the school  education.

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